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What is Numerology?

Numerology is a charting technique that describes your personal vibrations as determined by your birth data and the name you were given at birth. It is a way of describing how your energies have operated in the past, how they are operating now, and how they will probably operate in the future. Since you have free-will, you can change your destiny by handling situations in a different way. The choice is yours.

The Science of Numbers is interlocked with astrology, the tarot, and the I Ching. These esoteric arts were in use in ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt, China and India. Numerology can also be found in the ancient books of wisdom such as the Hebrew Kabala. Each technique complements the others, with all being equally true.

Over 2500 years ago (c. 580 – 500 BC) the Greek philosopher and mathematician, Pythagoras, believed that the world is built on the power of numbers. He professed that “Everything is numbers and to know numbers is to know thyself.” According to Pythagoras theory, everything in the universe is composed of mathematical patterns, meaning that all things can be expressed in numbers that correspond to universal vibrations. In this way, Pythagoras believed, numbers are the keys that unlock the secrets of the universe and nature.

It was Pythagoras who laid down the basic tenets of Western numerology in the form that we know it today. This method operates by reducing down compound numbers to the nine primary numbers, each of which is assigned a particular meaning and symbolism. According to this methodology, all names and birthdates can be reduced to numbers in order determine the personalities and destinies of individuals.

Curious to know your personal blueprint of life?  Contact Gloria for a consultation.

NUMEROLOGY Consultations Are in person or over the phone, your reading includes work sheets’ for your name and birth date, personal one on one interpretation of your numbers and what they mean for you. Also what is in store for you for the upcoming year.

Numerology Consultation (1 Hour)             $100
(these are computer Generated Reports Printed out and mailed to you)
Numerology Report Writer                    $ 20
Cards of Destiny (Individual Report)    $ 25
Love Reports     (Report Writer)            $ 30

Add $3 for Postage

Gloria does her readings in person or over the phone. Gloria has office hours in Everett, WA and surrounding areas of Seattle. 

Gloria Gray Riley
Numerologist and Tarot Reader

(360) 374-2556


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