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Love Cards Report and Destiny Cards Report

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These Are The Most Accurate Reports I’ve Ever Seen!”

Gloria Gray, author of “Gateways to Change”

The Love Cards and the Destiny Cards are a new and incredibly powerful system of divination.  The life path and relationship connections of every person are embedded in the numbers and symbols of a traditional deck of playing cards.  The key to unlocking this knowledge was given to the secret mystical society, the Order of the Magi and safeguarded since the days of ancient Egypt.  They were instructed to keep the information secret until the time was right. That time is now!

These reports are tastefully designed, bound and in full color.  A beautiful permanent addition to your personal library.  A unique, enormously appreciated gift.


What your Birth Card foretells about your life, hidden aspects of your personality, who will be important in your life this year: health issues for the year, career or job changes, your financial prospects for the year, love:  the ups and downs and spiritual insight into your path.


Why you have come together with this person, secret energies that attract you to each other, prospects for staying together, hidden reasons behind conflicts in your relationship; past life connections, sexual compatibility; and how to realize the highest potential of your relationship

What People Are Saying About the Destiny Cards and Love Cards 

 “The Love Cards were incredibly accurate.  The report gave me insight into my relationship that unlocked my perception and helped me to see in both a more definite and also in a broader way.  It was a light that dissolved the fuzzy shadows.  Absolutely a must for anyone in a relationship or considering one.”

Judy Johnson English, M.E.D. Psychotherapist

“An overwhelmingly accurate guide for preparing you for what lies ahead.  A truly insightful report about you and the world around you.”  Avis Newton, Reiki Master

“These reports truly amplify one’s perception of their reality.” 

Destiny Reports available: 

(COD1) Cards of Destiny (Individual Report) $25.00 plus $3 Shipping & Handling


Name:                                            Birth date Mo.  ___   Day    _   Year__

(DLR2) Love Reports $30.00 plus $3 Shipping & Handling


Name:                                              Birth date Mo. __  _  Day   __ Year__

Name:                                              Birth date Mo.    ___ Day   __ Year__

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