A Light Path

Intermediate Numerology


Numerology Workshop  

(Intermediate numerology)

 Presented by

 Gloria Gray, Professional Numerologist

 Published Author of “Gateways to Change”

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 Class Outline for Intermediate Numerology


 The Excursion Chart

The Excursion Chart is the only chart derived from the birth name.  The name as it was given at birth spells out specific happenings in the life of the person.  You can test this formula against your own past to verify the accuracy.  Some letters are much more informative than others, some are more vague, but all are true.

When in combination with the Personal Years, the Magi Transition, and the Astrological House Transits, you will derive a very deep and accurate insight into the specific happenings of any specific year.  You can project forward or backward.

1.                  Calculate the Transits

  • Letters of the First Name – Govern the Mental/Physical Events of Life
  • Letters of the Second Name – Emotional & Romantic Events
  • Letters of the Last Name – Spiritual Life
  • Exceptions:  More than three names given at birth

 2.                  Meaning of the Essence

  • Interpretations for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd names
  • Meanings of Two or more of the same letter on each line
  • Essence with Octaves
  • Duality of Numbers

Gloria Gray Riley
Numerologist and Tarot Reader

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