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Astrological Consultations

 Celestial influences shine a light on your path!


 Astrological Consultation

(available in person, phone or Skype.includes: charts, mp3 recording, ABC’s of Astrology and folder)

60 Minute  $125 

90 Minute  $175

MINI Update (follow up w/in 6 months of 60 or 90 minute consultation)        

30 minute                                 $ 75

Mini Astrology Consultations at special events

(does Not include charts, mp-3 recording, ABC’s of Astrology or Folder)

15 minute                                  $ 45

30 minute                                  $ 75

Consultation options:

Natal (birth chart): Your personal Celestial influences for the moment of your birth.

Solar Return: Each year the Sun comes back to the exact degree of your birth. Your Solar Return can be up to two days before or after your actual birth date. A new chart each year with information about the year ahead.

TRANSITS: Planets in the sky are moving. How are they influencing you at this time?

PROGRESSION: Planets progress yearly. Where are they at this time and how are they influencing you?

ASTRO CARTOGRAPHY, RELOCATION: Your natal chart, Solar return chart or progressed chart over laid on a Map of the world, United States, Etc.


SYNASTRY: Using the Astrology chart of two people and looking how  the two people interact with each other.

COMPOSITE: Is a chart of the relationship that you have with another person.

  Call or email today, to make your appointment!

liz@alightpath.com                                    Cell# 787 431-2714


ASTROLOGY REPORTS – These are printed reports only. Are available on the Astrology Reports page. http://www.alightpath.com/astrology-reports/


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