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Reports by A Light Path are personalized, printed, bound and mailed.

Professional Natal Report – $25 You’ll enjoy reading about your self in this report about 20 – 25 pages sample of this report at the bottom of this page.

Optimum Child Report – $25 Details the needs and potential of any child 20 -25 pages

Asteroid Goddess Report – $35 Feminine archetypes within, taking a look at the four asteroids in you chart 40 – 50 pages

Ero Scope – $25  Insightful delineation of one’s lovemaking style and needs. You’ll learn about everything from “Your Animal Skin” (your Ascendant), to the Sun (your vital and energetic glow), Moon (that swirling tropical cocktail of milky needs), to Pluto’s scalding cauldron of death and rebirth — and you’ll take in all kinds of spirited suggestions for ways to have fun about 25 pages.

Relationship Synastry Report – $35 A three part, comprehensive report. Part 1 deals with each partner’s relating potential Part 2 compares the aspects between the two charts Part 3 looks at the partner’s planetary placements,  seeing what areas of life are likely to be most impacted by the relationship. This report shows how to make the best of the relationship’s strengths and how to overcome its weaknesses. *Specify the name, birth date, place of birth and time of birth for each person in the relationship report.

Relationship Composite Report – $35 A single horoscope derived from the midpoints between the horoscopes of two individuals. this chart gives a meaty analysis of the relationship. Specify birth date, time and place of both persons and location of relationship.

Relationship Report Combo Synastry & Composite – $50   Get both of the above reports and save $20 on the single report price. An incredible value – about 60 pages of useful information on your relationship. *Specify the name, birth date, place of birth and time of birth for each person in the relationship report.     

Personal Numerology Report – $20 Personal numbers for destiny, life cycles, turning points and major and minor challenges. Includes career suggestions, tarot significator and more! Also get a year’s forecast and lucky number. *Include your full name as given at birth (or on your birth certificate) plus your full date of birth.

Forecaster Transit Report – 1 Year – $25    This report includes major and minor aspects from the important slower-moving outer planets: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, plus the Lunar Nodes. In addition, there’s a copy of your birth chart and a handy list of transits. About 25 pages. Specify birth date, time, place and starting month of report.

Forecaster detailed Daily Planning Guide – 1 Month – $35  Used for planning your schedule, adding the Moon’s transits can prepare you for fluctuations and can help pinpoint the best (and worst) hours for various activities. Transits by the Moon, which makes a number of aspects almost every day, and which enters a new house and or sign about every 2 1/2 days.  Included is a copy of your birth chart and a list of all the transits of the Moon. About 35 pages. Specify birth date, time, place, and starting month.

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*Include your name, birth date (month, day and year) place of birth, time of birth, for Relationship reports include the name, birth date, place of birth and time of birth for each person in the relationship report.

**Add $6.00 postage for first report. Each additional report add $2.00

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Include name, date, time, and place of birth. What report you are ordering. Please include your phone number and or email address so we can contact you to confirm the data you provide.

Sample Natal Report

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