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Astrology for 2015



A Look at The New Year From an Astrological Perspective

Eclipses, Full and New Moons
Mercury Retrograde Periods
Other Planet Retrograde Periods
Solstices and Equinox
Outer Planets changing signs 

 Elizabeth Muschett star background up final

 Presented by

Astrologer Elizabeth (Liz) Muschett

Of A Light Path

This Class will be held at the following locations, date and times. Contact Store or Elizabeth to sign up now.

Jan 17, 2015    1 – 3 PM           A Path to Avalon, 437 N Olympic Ave #D, Arlington, WA 360 403-8884     $20


Jan 24, 2015     11 – 1 PM        Sedro Woolley Center of Holistic Wellness, 609 Murdock Street, Sedro Woolley 360 420-2630   $20


Jan 25, 2015     1 – 3 PM           Vision Quest Bookstore and Wellness Center 3602 Colby Ave, Everett, WA 425 252-1591       $20


Upcoming Astrology Classes to begin at the above locations  


Elizabeth (Liz) Muschett




Astrology Class Fall of 2013

Call or email Liz to pre register and more details

Elizabeth (Liz) Muschett     (787) 431-2714        liz@alightpath.com


The ABC’s of Astrology

Learn the language and symbols of Astrology!

astro drama

Signs (archetype/script), Houses (stage/setting), Planets (Actors/personality)

Astrology is a science or art which studies planet placement through the sky. Astrology is a powerful tool for self understanding, character traits and world events around us.

 Presented by

Astrologer Elizabeth (Liz) Muschett

of A Light Path


Saturday – July 13, 2013

11 AM – 1 PM



Vision Quest Bookstore                                     (425) 252-1591

or with Elizabeth                                             (787) 31-2714               alightpath.com


Pre register for this event to be entered into a drawing for a free Natal Report (about 25 pages of personal astrological information for you.)

Information about the monthly Astrology Update Evening go to: http://www.alightpath.com/update/

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