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Aromatherapy & Flower Essence Misters

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A Light Path Mister is a unique blend of Essential Oils and/or Flower Essences in a mister bottle that suits your needs. Based on your astrology cycles or your tarot consultation.

Aroma Therapy Misters

1 oz.            $12

2 oz.            $18

4 oz.            $23

FLOWER ESSENCE & ESSENTIAL OIL MISTERS                          

1 oz.             $15

2 oz.             $25

Essential Oil are distilled or pressed from flowers, herbs, shrubs, roots, seeds and trees: and are highly concentrated. Plants have been used for thousands of years, for their aromatic and healing properties.

Essential Oils are commonly used and known for their use in Aroma therapy through inhalation. Other ways to use the essences are: in your bath, on your feet, misters (room sprays), massage, perfume, lotions, skin care, and in cleaning.

Flower Essences are a dilution of a particular flower, tree or combination of flowers or trees. Each flower or tree has a unique vibration or wisdom that is imparted into the water. Flower Essences are taken a few drops at a time under your tongue or in your drinking water. The unique vibration of flower or tree essences work gently to balance physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional states.

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