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May Your Heart Be One With Another

May Your Heart Be One With Another

By Gloria Riley

Professional Numerologist

Whether you’re cruising in search of a new love interest or just enjoying a leisurely vacation, stay alert!  You may be bit by the “Love Bug” or pinged by one of Cupid’s arrows at anytime.  Love is in the air everywhere in 2017.

Take note of these travel tips to make your social opportunities more successful. As you launch the New Year you will find a number of gateways to embark on your personal journey.  Which gateway beckons you?

Let me show you the secret formula that will reveal your personal power of attraction derived by the ancient art of numerology.  Then read the overview of each gateway for the timing and what to expect when on the outlook for that new and exciting someone about to enter your social circle this year.

It’s said that timing is everything.  By using the month and day of your birth, plus the current year 2017, you can determine the best gateway entrance to fulfill your destiny.  This technique will allow smooth sailing on the cosmic currents of attraction covering all areas of your life.


  • Add the numbers of your month of birth, plus your day of birth  February 11 would be 2 + 1 + 1 = 4
  • Then add the number 4 to the current year 2017.  4 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 14
  • Then reduce the number 14 to a single digit by adding 1 + 4 = 5
  • Your gateway number is 5.  
    Are you ready?  Read your personal travel tips calculated to reveal the trends of your personal year for the purpose of helping you to become more aware of the ebb and flow of the universe and your place in it.

Gateway #1

Men will be the prominent influence in your everyday affairs.  This holds true whether you are male or female.  If involved in a new relationship, you may find an intimate rendezvous delayed because business is focused before pleasure this year.

Chances are you may meet with people like yourself who are traveling through the #1 gateway.  If you are planning to relocate your business or residence this year, go for it!  Long distance moves are favorable.  You can start your life anew in April, May, August and September.

Gateway #2

Women’s issues come to the fore this year. Expect dealings with mothers, grandmothers, sisters and aunts in the Spring and Fall. Very sensitive issues must be handled with discretion.

Many of your goals and changes this year will be related to knowledge and communications. You will find yourself drifting into an entirely new mental direction. Your exposure to some new ideas and beliefs could cause many changes in your life and at times you may feel a little overwhelmed by these same new ideas and concepts.

Don’t allow petty annoyances to become major rifts that can zap your emotional and physical energy.  Plan times for rest and relaxation.  A friendly wind suddenly springs up to blow your sails in May. You may find yourself steered to an out-of-the-way inlet where you can anchor and recuperate. You may find it desirable to share your experiences, so invite a travel companion. Trips by or across water beckon you. Take advantage of travel opportunities during the months of  March, April, July, August and December.

Gateway #3

Be prepared for personal emotions caught in the undertow of the devil’s churn. There will be powerful temptations to enter into a clandestine love affair. Tread warily, as you may find it difficult for you to express your inner feelings. Unkind words can backlash causing you much regret or embarrassment.  Negative emotions scatter your energy and cause you to drift without purpose. Examine your personal relationships with telescopic focus and sort out your true feelings.  Love affairs aside, your social life will escalate, especially revolving around creative aspects.  

Many short trips are on the horizon.  Enjoy yourself with friends and relatives.  Be open to serendipity.  Travel months strongly indicated are February, June, July and November.

Gateway #4

New friendships formed this year will last throughout your lifetime. Love and romance are difficult to keep afloat, but the end of the year will often bring a new relationship that will lead to something permanent. There are many reefs and barriers to romance. Those who maneuver through the obstacles and marry in a four vibration will find it will usually last.

Unless it is business related, you may decide against taking an extended trip this year.  You may look for a quiet retreat in March in order to recharge your physical energy and buoy your spiritual and emotional health.  Travel indicators point to January, May, June and October.

Gateway #5

Wherever your cruise takes you this year, you will feel the allure that will change the course of your destiny.  Exotic ports entice you with five-star entertainment. Romance appears in all settings.  Choose a setting of comfortable elegance or go for the glitz.  You may encounter a handsome swashbuckler or a high-spirited sea-maiden to light up a sparkle on your ship after dark. Whether you share breakfast in bed or toast to champagne under the stars, diversity is matched only by the different ways to enjoy it all.

The key to smooth sailing is to use freedom constructively.  It is a year of symphony to the senses: see, hear, touch, taste and smell.  But try to avoid overindulgence in food, alcohol and sensual activity.  Do not burn your bridges behind you.  Hectic happenings and unexpected distractions carry strong tendency towards accidents, so do exercise caution in all things.  Social activity flourishes and travel vibrations are strong during April, May and September.  Keep a suitcase packed and ready for spur of the moment jaunts.

Gateway #6

For those who are single, you will find this is a major marriage cycle.  This wonderful year brings weddings, romance, reunions and celebrations influenced by traditional standards.

Book passage for a pleasure excursion on a holiday cruise liner or a luxurious riverboat sternwheeler.  Find time to relax.  Scan the scenery along the riverbank, read the mile post markers along the river or join an old-fashioned sing-a-long.  River waters are a source of enlightenment in their own right.  Look for opportunities to travel in March, April, August and December.

Gateway #7

Romance and rendezvous are synonymous this year. The allure of mystery and intrigue will come unexpectedly to leave many haunting memories.

Coworkers and shipmates may misunderstand your moodiness and need for retreat.  Reassure them that you only need time to regain your bearings.  There is a mental bridge to cross. The subtle force of the number seven is operating to help you understand yourself.  Trips to the sea or near the water and quiet country-sides will soothe and refresh your mind, body and spirit in February, July, September, November and December.  

Gateway #8

June and July bring a change in domestic matters.  This is an excellent year to buy or sell real estate.  Women, especially, can marry financially well under the influence of the eight energy in a quest for wealth and power.

Travel in January, February and June will combine business with pleasure. August will bring travel across water, while travel in October and November will bring overland travel in connection with property or the settlement of a legacy.

Gateway #9

A bounty of romantic interests will keep you off balance.  New relationships will stir intense emotions.  You will become entangled in an undertow of deep hidden currents.  Most new romances will end by September.  Enjoy the moment, but avoid marriage unless the relationship was launched before January 2017.

Foreign shores will beckon international travel.  You will log voyages long miles as well as long in time.  If you are not the one traveling, expect someone from afar to visit you.  Expect to reunite with people from your past.

If your ship hasn’t come in, then swim out and meet it!

Bon Voyage!

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