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World Numerology Forecast for 2016

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    Gloria (Gray) Riley, Professional Numerologist

      Published Author of “Gateways to Change”

World Numerology Forecast 2016

The Universal Laws

 Based on the Ancient Science

of Numerology

As a professional numerologist I work with the energy cycles of the numbers 1 through 9 that repeat throughout our lifetime.  With each successive nine-year cycle, our knowledge is increased with our own life experience.  We have touched many lives, just as they have touched our hearts and souls.

On the world level the #9 completion may not be our decision.  If not, know that life sometimes listens to a higher command.  The ultimate outcome will prove beneficial over time.

Universal Year 2016

2016 = 2 + 0 + 1 + 6 = 9

There is a rhythm to the universe.  Each single year produces a significant bearing on the world and the people in it.  The news media is filled with prophecies and predictions of doom and gloom for our planet.  Many of these predictions are said to culminate between September 2015 through the end of 2016.

The Universal #9 Energy stands for humanitarian compassion, love and forgiveness.  Endings and completions will transcend us to the next level of consciousness.

2016 – War or Peace?

Here are examples of how the #9 energy has operated in the past.  Please understand what follows are world tendencies, not personal.

#9 Day:  August 9, 1945 – U.S. dropped an atomic bomb on Nagasaki.

#9 Month:  September 1, 1939 – Britain declared war on Germany.

#9 Year:  1917 – U.S. declared ware on Germany.

#9 Year:  1980 – Iran-Iraq War

Good News!!!

The #9 energy also brought peace.  Here are just a few examples:

1926 – Treaty of Berlin between Germany and the Soviet Union

1953 – Korean War Armistice Agreement

1962 – Nassau Agreement between the U.S. and the United Kingdom

1972 – Seabed Arms Control Treaty – Banned the placement of nuclear weapons on the ocean floor.

1989 – Berlin Wall came down on November 9, 1989, a #9 day and a #9 universal year.

Mankind will ultimately make the choice for the future of our planet.  Nine is about transformation, going from one major level to the next major level.  It is called the number of “humanitarianism”.

What trends will 2016 bring for you personally?

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