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2014 Super New Moon

balsamic moon
2014 welcomes us with a Super New Moon in Capricorn – 3:14 AM PST or 6:14 AM EST


by Astrologer Elizabeth (Liz) Muschett

We start 2014  with the Moon in Capricorn finishing up a Balsamic phase**.   At 3:14 AM PST we have a Super New Moon*.  A rare occurrence to have a new moon on new years day.


2014 starts with letting go of what no longer serves us (possibly this started for you at the end of 2013). Clean a closet, give away some items you haven’t used in years. Write down what you want to release and burn it to assist in releasing.


New Moons are about new beginning, seed planting, planning, intentions, wishes, prayers etc. Pay attention to ideas and dreams you are having or have had, you may implement them this spring or summer, if you aren’t already working on them.


It is New Moon*** time and a New Year. You may want to make a vision board, write a poem, paint a picture of what you desire in 2014. Have fun with it, don’t be attached to the outcome you may get something more than you could image! Make your intentions and write your New Moon check at the time of the New Moon or within 36 hours after the New Moon.


Directions for New Moon Check:

Pay To: “write your name”

Amount: “write Paid in Full”

Line under pay to: “write Paid in Full”

Signature line: “write The Law of Abundance”

Date: Day of the New Moon

Back of Check: Sign your name as if preparing to deposit the check

After your signature: “write to the Universal Bank of Manifesting.

For more information on New Moon Checks see “Favorite Places” in the right hand column, select “New Moon Check”.

* Supper Moon is when the Moon is closest to earth and appears larger.

** Balsamic Moon Phase is a great time for reflection, finishing up projects, releasing, time off or time out.

***New Moon Phase is starting new things or new beginnings.

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