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Astrology Question from a client
by  Astrologer Elizabeth (Liz) Muschett

 Question: Which Planetary aspect is responsible for the gut problems that are suddenly ‘everywhere’.

 Wanda Skywater of Skywater Healing Arts


Answer: Thanks for the question Wanda.

First of all I would like to change the word “responsible” in your question.

I don’t believe any planet or aspect from a planet is responsible for anything. I like to look at the planets like the weather. If I am going sailing, I would look at the weather report to know if I have favorable conditions. Even if I don’t have favorable conditions I may still chose to go on the sailing trip. I will know that it may take me a bit longer to get to my destination (delay), I may want to chose another destination altogether, or chose to wait until another day when the weather has favorable conditions.

upset gutYou ask about the ‘gut’ I assume that you mean the stomach. The stomachs job is to digest our food, even though digestion starts in the mouth; chewing and saliva start the digestive process that continues in our stomach.

The stomach is ruled by the Sing of Cancer, the Planet Jupiter is traveling in Cancer at this time (June 2013 – July 2014). Jupiter is about expansion, making things bigger, supper sizing, etc. Cancer is about nourishing, nurturing, safety and security.

cancerI would ask myself am I eating too much, too fast or both. Is it time for me to make healthier food choices? Do I need to eat less food? Do I eat often enough? Do I need to drink more water? We are all going through a tremendous amount of change and the seasons are changing. Some traditions do some fasting at the change of seasons. This would be favorable weather to look at the above and make adjustments.

For the stomach, Louise Hay says “Fear of the new, anxiety”.

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