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September Opens with Cancer Moon

fall leaves
Astrology musings and more…
By Astrologer Elizabeth (Liz) Muschett


What a beautiful summer we are having here in the Northwest United States. The garden is blessing us with her bounty. The evenings are becoming cooler and the Sun is setting earlier and earlier each night; a sign that autumn will be here soon.

We start the month of September with the moon in Cancer (Void of Course) waning in the 3rd quarter phase/square. Third Quarter Phase Moon (Sun in relationship to the Moon) is about making minor adjustments!

September will has a strong emphasis on family (people that you chose to be your family), nurturing, safety and security, and self- care/self – nurturing. Possibly your family is growing with the birth of a baby or a marriage. If you haven’t spent time with your family for a while it may be time to make some time for a family visit or reunion. Are you nurturing yourself? Do you get enough sleep? Are there any adjustments in diet or exercise that would be in your best interest? Are you taking time to do some of the things that you want and like to do? This might be a time to make some gentle adjustments for yourself. 

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