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Gloria (Gray) Riley

September 2013

 The people and experiences you encounter this month afford insights into cherishing the moment and learning to let go. This month will be filled with drama and emotions of high intensity. A situation involving work or a loved one may prove difficult. The completion of a project or the ending of a personal relationship will test your character. The completion may not be your decision. If not, know that life sometimes listens to a higher command.                                         The ultimate outcome will prove beneficial over time.

For many readers September will also bring insights into the valuable lesson of forgiveness. Personal crisis brings opportunities for self-discovery. Mistakes, big or small, come in guise like maritime vagrants, smugglers and pirates on the high seas to rob you of the joy in your life. Allow yourself to learn from trial and error and to learn from your mistakes. After all, you are only human. Learn to forgive yourself as well as to forgive others. It is a time to be kind and compassionate. Do not expect rewards when assisting others, whatever the situation.  With or without endings, you will find expression through artistic creation. You will be inspired to use your imagination in your art, music and writing.


Keywords to Safe Ports

artistic                        humanitarian               philanthropic

charitable                     intuitive                       spiritual

courageous                  liberal                          trustworthy

 Keywords to Hidden Dangers

High Tide                                    Low Tide

biased                                            insensitive

impractical                                                  stubborn

self-centered                                              unforgiving


Bon Voyage!


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