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August Number 8

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Gloria (Gray) Riley
August 2013

Many readers already know that 2013 adds up to a “6” universal vibration, which deals with home and family responsibilities, but what about the month of August?

Eight is an action month for some readers. As the 8th month of the year, August vibrates in a very powerful energy.  Those of you readers who were born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st or 30th of August of any year, will be identifying with the “8” energy.

This month you will embark on a quest for power and financial success. The people and experiences you encounter this month offer valuable insights related to the purpose of money and personal power.

Landlubbers, as well as shipmates and crew, will test your authority. You will be challenged to demonstrate your abilities to maintain the helm. Endurance and performance under pressure will be essential qualities to any winning effort. Your strength gets through as power to adjust sails to propel you forward and keep you on course. You will skipper a winning ship by focusing on eliminating friction using your organization and managerial abilities.

Prosperity is in the air. Windfalls appear from unexpected sources. Opportunities abound and recognition can be on the horizon shaping into a new job, a promotion, an offered partnership or an inheritance. Loans and/or grants will be approved by institutions and government sources. It is an excellent cycle to deal with real estate. Legal issues should be resolved to your satisfaction.

Bon Voyage!

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