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June Astro Update

June Monthly Astrology Update Evening Vision Quest Bookstore

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June 11, 2013                                                 Planets Retrograde

June 7 – Nov 13        Neptune Retrograde 5 Pisces 23 – 2 Pisces 35 Sabian Symbol 6 Pisces A dedication of human beings to the service of their community, & the assurance that it will be emotionally sustained by the people at large. We are ALL opening intuitively. This is a great time to be working with your guides. Re connecting & finding community.

June 18 – Sept 26     Juno Retrograde 18 Aquarius 58 – 3 Aquarius 52 Sabian Symbol 19 Aquarius A forest fire finally quenched. Major transformation, new understanding, new sense of commitment.  New  & improved relationships, new ways of relating

June 19 – Nov 22      Chiron Retrograde 13 Pisces 50 – 9 Pisces 07 Sabian Symbol 14 Pisces A lady wrapped in a large stole of fox fur. The use of intelligence & mental subtlety as a protection against storms & trials. Common sense, street smarts, self reliance

June 26 – July 20      Mercury Retrograde 23 Cancer 05 – 13 Cancer 22 (Shadow Phase June 9th – Aug 4th) Sabian Symbol 24 Cancer: A woman & two men cast away on a small island. Focusing of complex inner potentialities in harmonic & concrete relationships. Old emotions related to safety & security may come to the surface at this time to be reworked, let go of, etc. to create a new foundation.

April 13 – Sept 20    Pluto Retrograde 11Capricorn 35 – 8 Capricorn 59 Sabian Symbol 12 Capricorn A Student of nature lecturing, revealing little-known aspects of life. Reconnecting with nature. Intense release work, working on self (hypnosis, meditations, etc), de-toxing, regeneration. Organic food, nature walks etc.

Feb 23 – July 7          Saturn Retrograde 12 Scorpio – 5 Scorpio, Sabian Symbol 12 Scorpio Group consciousness, as it flowers at the highest level in cultural interchanges between representatives of the elite of the ruling class. Re do, re evaluate, rework: Structure, Power dynamics, Rules, Etc. Are these working or do they need to shift, change or be eliminated?

Planets Entering New Signs

May 21           Sun – Gemini                         Do you feel fulfilled when you are multitasking?

May 29           Pallas – Gemini                     Healing words, Word warrior

May 31           Mars – Gemini                       Are you pursuing multiple things at this time?

Mercury – Cancer                 Are you making connections that make you feel secure?

June 2             Venus – Cancer                     What pleasure do you get from feeling secure?

June 20          Sun – Cancer                         What are the rewards of belonging?

June 22          Ceres – Leo                            Are you being authentic to yourself with what you desire?

June 25          Jupiter – Cancer                   What do I need to feel secure & safe?

June 27          Venus – Leo                          What is authentic pleasure?

Square of Uranus & Pluto

  • 2012  June 24 – Uranus 8.23 Aries & Pluto 8.23 Capricorn Sept 20 –Uranus 6.58 Aries & Pluto 6.58 Capricorn
  • 2013   May 20- Uranus 11.14 Aries & Pluto 11.14 Capricorn Nov 1- Uranus 9.25 Aries & Pluto 9.25 Capricorn
  • 2014   Apr 21- Uranus 13.34 Aries & Pluto 13.34 Capricorn Dec 14- Uranus 12.35 Aries & Pluto 12.35 Capricorn
  • 2015   March 17, 2015Uranus 15.18 Aries & Pluto 15.18 Capricorn.

Moon Phases:

May 24           9:25 PM          Lunar Eclipse” Full Moon (Moon 4 Sagittarius 08 & Sun 4 Gemini 08) Sabian Symbol Moon: 5 Sagittarius An old owl perched high up in a tree. Seeing what others miss. A wise approach to existence based on clear perception of the unconscious. Sabian Symbol Sun 5 Gemini A Radical magazine or publication, asking for action, displays a sensational front page. Motivated for change (repressed feelings & root emotions, highly charged emotionally)

June 8             8:56 AM           New Moon (Sun & Moon 18 Gemini 01) Sabian Symbol Sun & Moon 19 Gemini: In a museum a large archaic volume reveals a traditional wisdom. (Information or knowledge hidden deep within yourself or the elders of your community. This needs to be tapped to be truly understood)

June 23           4:32 AM           Full Moon (Moon 2 Capricorn10 & Sun 2 Cancer 10) Sabian Symbol Moon 3 Capricorn: The human soul in its eagerness for new experiences, seeks embodiment. New level of consciousness is about to reveal & express itself. Something new is being born, something deep inside of you. Sabian Symbol Sun 3 Cancer: An arctic explorer leads a reindeer through icy canyons. Through adapting to changing needs & being constantly aware of the difficulties involved that success can be achieved. Progress slowly, no going back

July 8              12:14 AM         New Moon (Sun & Moon 16 Cancer 18) Sabian Symbol Sun & Moon 17 Cancer: The seed grows into knowledge & live. The life urge to actualize one’s birth potential. “Think a thought & sow a seed; sow a seed & do a deed. Do a deed, create a habit; create a lifestyle.”

July 22            11:15 AM         Full Moon (Moon 0 Aquarius 06 & Sun 0 Leo 06) Sabian Symbol Moon 1 Aquarius: An old adobe mission in California. The power inherent in all great human works to endure far beyond the workers life span.

Misc. Events

2013 is a 6 year.

June 20th        10:04 PM        Summer Solstice Summer begins, Longest daylight of the year in the northern hemisphere.

June is the 6th month. 6 (month) + 6 (year) = 12/3. June is a 3 month: The trinity, joy, Heart energy, celebration.

July is the 7th month. 7 (month) + 6 (year) = 13/4. July is a 4 month. Building, security, foundation, order

Jan 1, 2013 – 12:00 AM Moon Position 2013, Moon 24 Leo 57, This year is asking us all to come from heart energy. Does your heart need some healing? Maybe time to open your heart a little bit wider? Do you have enough Joy in your life? A year to make time for more Fun & Joy in your life, be Creative, try something creative, be compassionate.

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