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July Numerology

Lucky Numbers for July Birthdays

By Gloria Gray Riley

          After years of observation, there is no doubt that the luckiest number for each of us, is our day of birth.

          If you were born on 14th of any month, you will find that the number “5” will bring much success into your life.  My dear friend, Betty J. who lives in California, has always been lucky at games of chance.  We did an experiment many years ago testing the “5” energy.  She was born on the 14th. (Birthdate 1 + 4 = 5)  So the days that reduce down to “5” are 5, 14, and 23.

          Betty kept a biorhythm diary for her gambling excursions.  When she played on the 5th, 14th, or the 23rd of any month, especially when two of the three cycles were above the center line, she always came home a winner!  She has been my greatest testament for lucky numbers, using her personal numbers and a personal biorhythm chart.

          Below, I’ve suggested lucky numbers for individuals born in the month of July, using a combination of numerology and astrology.

July Lucky Numbers

Date     Numbers                Days                         Months

  1st          1-4-2-7            Sun   Mon            Feb   July   Aug

  2nd      2-7-6                 Mon  Fri              Mar   May   July  Oct

  3rd      3-2-7                 Thu   Mon            Mar   May   July  Oct  Dec

  4th     4-1-2-7              Sun   Mon            Feb   Jun   July  Aug

  5th     5-2-7                 Wed  Mon            May   Jun   July   Sep

  6th      6-2-7                 Fri    Mon            Mar  May  July   Oct

  7th      7-2-6                 Mon  Fri              Mar  May  July   Oct

  8th      8-2-7                 Sat    Mon            Jan    May  July   Oct

  9th      9-3-6                 Tue    Thu   Fri     Mar   Apr  May  Oct

                                                                   Nov    Dec

10th      1-4-2-7              Sun    Mon           Feb    July   Aug

11th     2-7-6-11            Mon   Fri             Mar   May   July   Oct

12th      3-2-7                 Thu   Mon            Mar   May   July   Oct   Dec

13th      4-1-2-7              Sun   Mon            Feb    Jun    July   Aug

14th      5-2-7                 Wed  Mon            May   Jun    July   Sep

15th      6-2-7                 Fri     Mon           Mar   May   July   Oct

16th     7-2-6                 Mon   Fri             Mar   May   July   Oct

17th      8-2-7                 Sat     Mon           Jan    May  July   Oct

18th      9-3-6                 Tue  Thu  Fri       Mar  Apr   May  Oct

                                                                   Nov   Dec

19th      1-4-2-7            Sun   Mon            Feb   Jul     Aug

20th      2-7-6                 Mon  Fri              Mar   May   July Oct

21st       3-2-7                 Thu   Mon            Mar   May   July   Oct   Dec

22nd      4-1-5-22            Sun   Wed            Feb   Jun    Aug   Sep

23rd      5-1-4                 Wed   Sun            Feb    Jun   Aug   Sep

24th      6-2-7                 Fri     Mon           Mar  May  July   Oct

25th      7-2-1-4             Mon   Sun            Mar  July   Aug

26th      8-1-4                 Sat     Sun            Jan    Feb   July   Aug

27th      9-1-4                 Tue   Sun             Feb   Apr   Aug   Nov

28th      1-4-9                 Sun    Tue            Feb   Apr   Aug   Nov

29th      2-7-1-4-11       Mon   Sun            Feb    July  Aug

30th      3-1-4                 Thu    Sun            Feb   Mar  Aug   Dec

31st       4-1-5                 Sun    Wed           Feb   Jun    Aug   Sep

 Good Luck!

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