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Astrology Planets

ASTROLOGY PLANETS – Urges & Aspects of Personality – Actors (Personality)

Sun – Rules Leo & 5thHouse, Yang. Light, Personal Identity, Creative Potential, Core Self, Projecting your Power, The Present, Ego, Aspirations, Courage, Loyalty

   Moon – Rules Cancer & the 4thHouse, Yin. Luminous Light, Emotions, Feelings, The Past & Past Life Energy, Mother or Nurturing Parent, Security Needs. Imagination

Mercury – Rules Gemini/3rd House & Virgo/6th  House, Learning Style, Thinking, Analyzing, Networking, Communication,  Comprehension & Learning Abilities

Venus – Rules Taurus/2nd House & Libra/7th House, Love (give & receive), Beauty, Sense of Values, Well Being, What you Like, Material Assets, Describes One’s romantic life

Mars – Rules Aries & 1st House. Aspirations, Passion, Anger, Assertiveness, Independence, Impulse, Energy, Courage, Motivation, Action, Way you pursue your desires & how you take action.

Jupiter – Rules Sagittarius & 9th House. Philosophizing, Searching for Meaning, Urge for Growth, Expanding, beliefs, Faith, Hope, Optimism, Truth, Abundance, Good Luck, Self-confidence

Chiron – Bridge between Jupiter & Saturn. Mediator, Teacher, Wounded Healer, Capacity to relieve other people’s sufferings, Wisdom, Patience, Great Healer of the Zodiac. Shape-shifter

Saturn – Rules Capricorn & 10th House. Limitations, Boundaries, Structure, Time, Responsibility, Father, Responsible, Discipline, Discreet, Observant. Ambitious, Wise, Task Master, Karma

Uranus – Rules Aquarius & 11th House. Revolutionary, Lightening, Awakening, Rebel, Breakthrough, Freedom, Unique, Sudden & Unforeseeable Changes, Reforming, Computer, Internet, Disruptions, Eccentricity, Independence, Idealistic, Inventive

Neptune – Rules Neptune & 12th House. Psychics, Magicians, Drugs, Vision, Dreams, Universal Love, Compassion, Illusion, Intuition, Idealism, Spiritual Love, Imagination, Compassion, Escapism, Mystery, Inspiration, Victim

Pluto – Rules Scorpio & 8th House. Transformation, Regeneration, Evolutionary Soul Growth, Death, Rebirth, Psychic, Intensity, Occultism, Hidden Sciences, Deepest Instincts, Deep Self-questioning, Hereafter, Interpretation

 North Node – Path to Growth, Soul Growth Potential through developing this energy.

South Node– Things you  know how to do easily & effortlessly, The Past, Karma, Inherited Potential, Easy to  overdo this energy, Acquired Experience

Ceres – Goddess of Grain & Harvest, also known as Demeter, Great Mother, Unconditional Self-love, Nurture Self & Others, Receiving.

 Juno–Meaningful Relationships (committed & equal),  Equality in Partnership, Marriage

Pallas Athena– Wisdom, Healing, Warrior Queen Intelligence,

Vesta – Keeper of the Flame, Integrate & focus your energies, Channeling of the Kundalini Energy

ASC – Ascendant – 1st House cusp, Degree of the Zodiac rising on the Eastern Horizon at the moment of your birth. Point of Self AwarenessHow others see you, Persona, Filter through which the planets are expressed. I Am.

IC – Nadir – 4th House Cusp, Most Private & Deepest part of Ourselves. Inner Self. My Roots

DSC – Descendant – 7th House Cusp, Degree of the Zodiac rising on the Western Horizon at the moment of birth. Awareness of Others. How I Relate to Others.

MC – Midheavan – 10th House Cusp, Most Public Part of Ourselves. How I Function in the World.

Part of Fortune – Also called an Arabic Part. A mathematical calculation of ASC, Moon & Sun. Your Lucky Spot, Success, Prosperity, Innate Abilities & Talents, Qualities that are expressed naturally

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