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Leo Full Moon 2010

Leo Full Moon - "Wolf Moon"

This Leo Full Moon occurs on January 29 (10:18 PM PST) or January 30 (1:18 AM EST) , 2010. Known as “The Wolf Moon” in Native American traditions. Though there are variations in the Native American Moon names such as: Cold Moon, Snow Moon, or Moon after Yule.

Leo is about heart, passion, and creativity. This moon is the brightest and largest full moon of the year. Perigee, meaning the moon is closest to earth.

Full Moons are a powerful time; a time of completion and illumination, a time to finish up projects, and release what you no longer want in your life.

The Sabian Symbol (Leo 11°) for the Leo Full Moon, according to Dan Rydhyar in an Astrological Mandala, “deals essentially with the release of emotional intensity at various levels of the individualized consciousness as it reacts to the newly developed potentialities of the mind.”

Enjoy the Moon whether you can see it or not!

Photo Credit: Ghetu Daniel

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