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Phoenix and Dragon Metaphysical Bookstore in Atlanta

Spiritual merchandise at Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore in Atlanta

While visiting my spiritual sisters in Atlanta, Georgia, I set aside a bit of time to visit Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore. They have been in business for over 20 years. I heard about the store a number of years ago and it has been on my list of things to see and do.

These days, with advanced navigation devices available to us, it is easy to get around when visiting a new area. Just put in the address and arrive at your destination. The store is in north Atlanta; watch for the driveway on the left at a traffic light just south of I-285 on Roswell.

Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore is located in a brick building that looks like a medium sized house; from the front of the building it was not what I was expecting. I thought it would be a small dingy cubbyhole. I was quite surprised, as I opened the front door to see an amazing display of Amethyst Crystals on the fireplace along with featured books, etc.

I was pleasantly greeted. Browsing the store took some time. The store is bright and clean, and has plenty of staff including two cats. One was laying in a chair enjoying a nap and the other was just walking around begging attention from any willing customer. I sure enjoyed all the different sections of the store; each area featured a different theme and color, with nice displays and well-stocked shelves. I have visited many stores of this type and the fragrances are overwhelming and offensive; that was not the case with Phoenix and Dragon.

With more than 5,000 square feet of retail space, they carry merchandise for every spiritual modality. They also have a wide variety of crystals, candles, greeting cards, jewelery, statues, wall hangings, fairies, dragons, etc. I would assume that if they don’t have what you are looking for they can order it.

The store also has a number of spiritual readers available in various modalities such as: Astrology, Crystal, Palmistry, Past Life Regression, and Tarot. Most evenings and weekends they provide a talk or a class. Appointments are strongly recommended. They also have a monthly e-newsletter; go to their web site and sign up at www.phoenixanddragon.com.

To me Phoenix and Dragon is a one-stop spiritual store!

Photo – Courtesy of Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore

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