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Welcome to “A Light Path”

 We look forward to assisting you!

  • Astrology Consultations
  • Intuitive Tarot Consultations
  • Numerology Consultations
  • Coaching
  • Tutoring
  • Personalized Astrology Reports
  • Personalized Numerology Reports
  • Destiny Card Reports and Love Card Reports
  • Raindrop Massage
  • Reiki Training Level I, II, III and Master Teacher  
  • Young Living Essential Oils   

Workshops offered on the following topics

  • Astrology
  • Numerology
  • Tarot and Oracle Cards
  • Reiki and Energy Therapies
  • Mystical Arts
  • Intuitive and Psychic Development

 The Associates of A LIGHT PATH are Available for you, your event, mentoring, private and group classes, tutoring, workshops, speaking and consultations.

Reports by A Light Path are personalized, printed, bound and mailed  

 (20 – 50 Pages per report)

* Astrology: http://www.alightpath.com/astrology-reports/

  • Professional Natal Report  
  • Optimum Child Report      
  • Asteroid Goddess Report    
  • Relationship Report              
  • Personal Numerology Report

Numerology http://www.alightpath.com/numerology/

Love Card http://www.alightpath.com/love-cards-destiny-cards-reports/

The Love Card Report Reveals: Why you have come together with this person, secret energies that attract you to each other, prospects for staying together, hidden reasons behind conflicts in your relationship; past life connections, sexual compatibility; and how to realize the highest potential of your relationship

Destiny Card http://www.alightpath.com/love-cards-destiny-cards-reports/

The Destiny Card Year-Long report reveals: What your Birth Card foretells about your lie, hidden aspects of your personality, who will be important in your life this year: health issues for the year, career or job changes, your financial prospects for the year, love:  the ups and downs and spiritual insight into your path.

 Our mission is “Love, Light & Evolution!”

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2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Carol Barbeau

    Elizabeth is a gifted healer with vast knowledge of body, mind and spirit. Her astrology skills have been honed for many years and she is moving more and more forward with teaching and classes. Elizabeth is an exceptionally intuitive reader and her massages are truly a gift from above. visit her today, make an appointment and meet someone I truly admire and would recommend to anyone anytime… Carol Barbeau

  2. Sue F Minahan

    Liz expresses compassionate and sensitive guidance to any terms of confusion!
    Though I was unable to express my question in a succinct sentence and needed to describe the situation, Liz masterfully managed to pull out information from her tarot cards that aptly answered each of my several concerns. She is caring and fully capable to provide the wisdom necessary to aid a person in seeing a situation in its full light. Without any reservation, I gladly recommend Liz’s capabilities.

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